Having a single-use QR code is so 2006

It is a real nuisance to try and keep track of where your QR codes take scanners to. If someone has your old card or old information is attached to that code, will you lose a potential sale or look unprofessional? DEFINITELY.

QR Connecter solves this problem by allowing you to change the scan destination anytime you want.

Changed companies and have a new email address or office phone number? Anytime someone scans your code, they will always get the latest contact information for you. Just make sure to keep us in the loop.

Have an event coming up and want to drive attendance? Use your QR code to maintain contact with people to get the word out on your event and then change the destination back after the event to ensure people can always contact you!

We Don't Sell Your Email or Contact Info

Other sites that give you a "free" QR code costs you in other ways - free sites may sell your email or contact info to any variety of marketing lists so your phone will start ringing not from potential customers, but from people who bought your information from a data harvester.

Sites that you have to pay for a subscription to get QR codes want you to buy more codes, but all that will do is make you need to reprint your business cards, brochures, or sales flyers.

With QR Connecter, you can funnel all your business through one source and one QR code, saving you money, saving you time, and continuing to drive traffic.

Digital Homepage

All your contact information and social media links in one place, accessible through your QR Connecter, giving you the ability to connect and never having to buy another QR code ever again.

A custom downloadable contact card is included with your digital homepage.

You can even provide a bio and introductory video on your digital homepage to make that wonderful first impression!