Digital Homepage (Lifetime Subscription)


Your Digital Homepage lets you list any number of connections you want to highlight. If you have a Snapchat, Tiktok, LinkedIn, whatever social flavor you prefer, we help you satisfy your craving!

Includes a QR Connecter redirectable QR code so you can use it for all your print needs, use it as a digital business card link, or help to send people to a special event/promotion from the code or from your Digital Homepage.


Your Digital Homepage includes:

  • QR Connecter for direction to your Digital Homepage
  • Ability to add specials, promotions, event registration and payment links, any content or directable webpages for ease of use for your customers
  • Picture hosting
  • Video embedding (using hosted sources like YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, or other video hosting platforms)
  • Guaranteed 24-hour turnaround time for new additions/changes
  • Includes $150 setup fee at no charge
  • No renewal costs ever!


Create your digital presence and let people connect with you even easier. Your digital homepage includes the option to download your virtual contact card, call you directly, connect with you via email, or even your social media pages.

You can even add your bio, a short message, even a video introduction. My Digital Homepage also includes a QR Connecter with your logo, which can still be temporarily redirected up to six (6) times per year.

All information for My Digital Homepage is stored on US-based servers and all our support is human-based in the US. Other companies may offer a similar product with programmers and servers based in foreign countries. Keep your business dollars in the US and choose My Digital Homepage and QR Connecter!