I can get a QR code for free

We can hear your Uncle Fred, Cousin Rufus, or that search result that says you can get your QR code for Free, right?!

Is it really free?

Ever heard the phrase “there's no such thing as a free lunch?” That is never more true than with QR codes from those “free” QR code generators.

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Are you paying for internet access? They are.

Was your computer free? Their computers weren’t either.


Is your electricity free? These companies pay for electricity too.


So how can they offer you a “free” QR code? Easy. They DON’T.



Free Isn't Really Free

QR Connecter is all about giving you the services you need without selling your information. Anyone that scans your QR Connecter will never have their information stored, copied, sold, or otherwise provided to ANYONE. Ever.

Other companies that offer "free" QR codes have to pay their bills somehow - don't believe us? Maybe you'll believe the FBI - their point of view is documented here. Meanwhile, other authorities report a rising number of QR code scams - some of them are reported in this story.

If you watched the biggest football game of 2022, you may have been one of 20 million people to inadvertently expose yourself as an easier-than-average scam target, at least according to the FBI.

Should you risk your customer's information for a "free" code?

QR Connecter stores their information on servers that employ encryption that most banks utilize. And our redirectable model makes it to where you never have to buy another QR code from us or anyone else ever again! The code can always have your most current/relevant/up-to-date/fascinating content. Imagine if your business cards ALWAYS had your most current info, even if you move offices, change phone numbers, or even companies.

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