The Last QR Code You Will Ever Need

Having trouble keeping up with where QR codes lead to? With QR Connecter, you can update where your QR code takes the person scanning it. Even if they have your code from last year, it will be good forever and always lead them to where you want, even years later.

Create Your Code

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Save Money and Stay Up-to-Date with the Last QR Code You Will Ever Need

QR Connecter gives you instantly downloadable business cards, easy linking to events or promotions, even your social media pages, or all of them based on the day, month, or time of year. QR Connecter can be directed then redirected to other pages, URLs, information pages, or websites depending on where you want it to go. This makes all your business cards and sales materials always up-to-date, even years down the road.

Safe and Secure

Your personal QR Code will never expire and is hosted on our secure server, keeping your information safe from anyone that does not have your QR code. We also will never sell your email address as part of any kind of list to anyone else, so your information will always be safe with us.


Editable and Update Friendly

You can change jobs and companies without losing your ability to connect. Just send us an update and we will have your virtual contact card updated. Never lose a connection because they had a hard copy business card that may have your old phone number or email address.

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QR Connecter and My Digital Homepage are product offerings from Total Solutions AZ. We reserve the right to refuse service. Prices are subject to change without notice.